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We are facing challenging times, with a great deal of uncertainty.  One of the greatest uncertainties before our communities is the uncertainty of death and what comes after.

When we see the quarentines, isolation, and actions being taken to stop the spread of Corona Virus, we are seeing the effects of fear.  Don't get me wrong, fear is a good thing in many cases.  It stops you from injury and pain many times.

The current situation with the virus is that people are afraid of dying and pain associated with the effects of being infected by the Corona Virus. 

Corona Virus seems to be severe in Elderly people and in those with underlying health issues.  Possibly 2% or slightly more will die of Corona Virus and this rate of death has us all concerned and rightfully so.  This fact forces us to face the question of what comes after death.  This concerns many. 

But you know there is a worse statistic than the death rate of Corona Virus in the Elderly; and that is that 100% of the Elderly die of Old Age.  That should cause a greater concern. 


Prayer Pandemic is an attempt by followers of Jesus around the world to Step into the Gap before God for our family, neighbors, and countries and ask for them to be healed according to His will.  We also will equip followers to serve their community and show the hope that lies within us to our neighborhoods.

On April 9, 2020, believers around the world stood out in front of their homes and in front of their neighbors to Stand in the Gap for them and pray and intercede on their behalf.  It was a success as people submitted to God and prayed.  This is the start of a Prayer Pandemic that we pray will bring about an Awakening and people will turn back to Him.

We are now calling people form around the world to Sign Up and Stand in the Gap for their community.  Each week we want you to serve your neighbors with acts of kindness, and then Pray in front of your home for the community.  If you feel led to join us, click on SIGN UP.  


Prayer is the central  act of followers of jesus

Do you want to see the most exciting thing in the world?  Watch God answer your prayers.

Prayer is a sign of submission to God.  A recognition that He exists, He hears us, we desire a relationship with Him, and He has control over our reality.  Prayer rises from a heart that is prompted by the Holy Spirit and in need of His Lordship.  How is your prayer life?  

The understanding of the frailty of life brings one to a desire to know the one we will spend time with for eternity.  I am amazed constantly how people say they want to spend eternity in heaven, but they do not want to spend a few minutes here and now with the One they will spend eternity with.  Is this you?


The Prayer Pandemic Vision works through the promise of God to hear our prayers and forgive our sin and heal our land.  Once you understand this, you will be drawn to a life of prayer.  And more than just a list of wants, but a prayer for those around you.  If you have not worked through this in your life, please do that now.  

Our site has a page of Intercessory Prayers from leaders and prayer warriors, and it has a page of prayer requests from people around the world who are asking you to pray with them about specific things.  Click on the links below to go to these pages.

If you wish to send us a prayer request to share on the page, please scroll down to the Prayer Request Form on any page on the site.  We want to pray with you.

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