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The information included on this website is in no way the exhaustive or complete summation of the data, documents, deadlines, or requirements to interact with the denomination, district, or your local church.  This site is meant to improve your interaction with the church and decrease the work related with finding most information that you need.

We strive to improve this experience each day.  More information will be added as it comes to our attention.  There are other sources of information as well that we have tried to include links to and we encourage you to read them and the Nazarene Manual.

The information provided herein, comes from the specific ministries involved and the people who work in it.  They are human like you, thus prone to mistakes.  The Canada West District Church of the Nazarene, is not responsible nor does it warrant the accuracy of the information provided herein.  The Canada West District is not responsible for any losses, damages, or dashed hopes and dreams by anything contained herein.  

Please connect with the other ministries listed in the Links page.  Canada West District is not responsible for these ministries do, but wish to encourage and facilitate their success.

If you see any mistakes or wish to comment on information contained herein, please do so and we will make all attempts to correct or include items of interest to you.  Click on the "Contact Us" link above to leave a message for us.

Most of all.  Take time to read your Bible each day.  Pray and seek to do the Lord's will in and through your life.  While this site may have a great deal of information, it does not include the information that is most important for your life.  The Bible does.  


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